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(An International School)
We are a Maharashtra State Board, Nashik Division, the associated school having classes from Nursery to Std. X, and just a single division for each class. We have dependably tried to give the best, which bury Alia incorporate, digitized classrooms, ISO affirmation, Astroturf, SMS cautions, and notices. We have topped different games, social occasions reliably. Since the most recent thirteen years, we have a fabulous board that comes about. Ujjwal has constantly perceived the significance of delicate abilities in building certainty and the character of a man. Our scholastic conveyance framework, co-curricular - social included-, and so forth exercises have in-assembled nearness of that acknowledgment. Co-curricular exercises, including skating, move, chess, mallakhamb, create the ball, and so on; Bhagvatgeeta and general information rivalries, scout and guide, and so on are standard highlights..

"We are a Maharashtra State Board, Nashik Division, affiliated school having classes from Nursery to Std. X , and only one division per class.A
< We have always endeavored to give the best, which inter alia include, digitized classrooms, ISO certification, Astroturf, SMS alerts and notifications. We have topped various sports, cultural events consistently.

Since last thirteen years we have got spectacular board results. Ujjwal has always recognized the importance of soft skills in building confidence and a character of a person. Our academic delivery system, co-curricular - cultural included -, etc. activities have in-built presence of that recognition.

Co-curricular activities, including skating, dance, chess, mallakhamb, basket ball, etc; Bhagvatgeeta and general knowledge competitions, scout and guide, etc are a regular features.

Every child is born with a special ability and talent, we at Ujjwalsprouter (An International School) - Adarsh Nagar, Jalgaon find these hidden talents in children and mould them to become a legend.
We at Ujjwalsprouter - Adarsh Nagar encourage students to spend more time on extra-curricular activities such as Technology : Personal Web Site, Social Media, YouTube Channel, Sports : Baseball and softball, Basketball, Cycling, Dance Team, Football, Hockey, Skate Board Club, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Yoga Club, Cricket, Speech and Political Interest : Speech Club, Special Interest : Chess Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Environmental Club, Performance Art : Comedy Club, Dance, musical interest club, Art : Art Club, drawing, painting, Drama Club, Fashion design, Graphic Design, Photography, Academic Competitive Teams : Spelling Bee, Quiz Bowl, Clubs : Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Economics Club, English Club, History Club, Math Club, Poetry Club, Physics Club, Writing Club, this will make them gain self-confidence, improve problem-solving skills and explore what they are good at.

Once we explore the talent in a student, teachers of Ujjwalsprouter (An International School) - Adarsh Nagar work on improving the talent in every aspect.


Our teachers develop children's skills.

Sport lessons

Drawing lessons

Music lessons

History lessons

Nature lessons

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